This year’s theme is diabetes and the nurse and it has been well documented that the nurses have been the front liners in the managing diabetes because they are there for the patients they are there to help the patients first, they are there to see the patients off from the clinic or admissions.


Nurse Josephine Grace Ejang

senior Diabetes Educator for 22 years

this is her message on #worlddiabetesday2020

“To the diabetic patients I encourage you to come to the clinics and also go to the health facilities. Go see the doctors to regularly test your sugar levels. Continue taking your medication.

There are lots of people who give false information but I encourage everybody to get the first class information from the health worker especially the diet and the drugs.

Some say the alcohol is good but I advise that alcohol and smoking is not good for your health and every bodies health in general.

Fatty foods and foods with a lot of sugar are not healthy it makes the sugar levels to go higher. I encourage people to go back to the local foods, to have steamed matooke and boiled foods, eat fruits and don’t squeeze them for juice they are healthier that way.

Also do physical exercise that you can manage, not everyone should run or ride a bicycle. You can run, you can swim, ride your bicycle, any exercise that you can manage and enjoy.

I encourage patients to attend diabetes clinic and get checked for the eyes, heart, liver and kidney on a yearly basis. Checking and talking to the doctor so that they can verify if you are okay or not and set an appointment for another check or start medication.

Avoid being diverted by things like prayers alone or herbal medicine can heal you, I advise and request you to continue with your medicine that you got from the hospital, you can pray but don’t forget your medication

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