President Uganda Diabetes Association

Dr. Lumu William

Today 14th November 2020 Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate world diabetes day. this year’s theme Is the nurse and diabetes, we acknowledge the commitment dedication and love our nurses extend to people living with diabetes.

Without the nurses, diabetes care can’t be. This year’s commemoration is unusual due to covid 19 pandemic. We have not organized camps and meetings for we don’t want to expose our vulnerable patients to the deadly virus

In the same vein, I strongly encourage our people living with diabetes to always wear their masks avoid crowded place if they can, sanitize regularly and take your medication as prescribed.

To the general public remember to screen for diabetes if you are at high risk i.e. if you are older than 40 years, obese, have diabetes in the family and high blood pressure, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, physical inactivity and fatty diets

Through this awareness we shall conquer diabetes

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