Our activities

what we do


1.Uganda Diabetes Association(UDA) helps people manage their diabetes effectively by providing information, advice and support through

  • Advocacy services: giving people with diabetes information to help them understand their rights and entitlements.
  • Information service: providing in print and online covering all aspects of diabetes to help people with diabetes, family members and friends. We also provide specialized information for health care workers.
  • Networking: helping people with diabetes across Uganda to network through telephone and online peer support. This helps to give confidence and morale to people living with diabetes.
  • Support events for children and their families: providing a relaxed and fair environment in which children and young people with diabetes and their families get together, share experiences and receive advice from our counselors, healthy educators or volunteer health care professionals

2. UDA campaigns with people with diabetes and with health care professionals to improve the quality of diabetes care in Uganda. 3. We conduct or facilitate diabetes care related research in the country.

4. UDA conducts risk assessment, early diagnosis and mitigation of pre-diabetes through health life style choices.

5. We support health care professionals involved in the care of people living with diabetes.


Upcoming events


Ongoing Activities

  • Diabetes Training Workshop for Health Workers in Eastern Uganda at Jinja Hospital on  11th November 2016

  •  Patients’ support symposium on 12th November at Jinja Hospital

  •  Health education talks, Screening and Diabetes Walk on 14th November 2016(World Diabetes Day Celebrations) with the theme ‘Eyes On Diabetes’ and activity ‘Test to Prevent’

  • Gestational Diabetes  in Central Uganda Project funded by World Diabetes Foundation through Danish Family Planning Association and Reproductive Health Uganda. Study sites Luwero and Mengo Hospital

  • Health care practitioners training

  • Branch support supervision

  • Distribution of Revised constitution and signing of memorandum of associations with branches

  • Patient support supervision

  • Drafting of the 5 year UDA strategic plan