Diabetes in Uganda-The facts

Diabetes in Uganda

  • About  415 million people World wide  now have diabetes  compared to only 30 million in 1985
  • By 2040, it’s predicted that  642 million will have diabetes.
  • One in two (46.5%) adults with diabetes is undiagnosed.
  • $673 billion which is12% of the global health expenditure is spent on diabetes
  • Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes (5.0 million deaths), making diabetes a bigger cause of death than HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.
  • 542,000 children (aged 0-14) have type 1 diabetes, with 86,000 new cases each year.
  • Gestational diabetes affects one in seven (or 16%) births worldwide.
  • In Uganda the current prevalence of diabetes is 1.4% i.e about 500,000 people have diabetes.
  • Impaired fasting glucose which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes affects 2.1% of Ugandans.
  • Higher prevalence of diabetes and pre diabetes of 7.4% and 8.6% respectively have been reported in rural Eastern Uganda
  • The majority of people with high blood sugar (90.5% IFG and 48.9% diabetes) are not aware of their high blood sugar status.
  • The mean age of people having diabetes in Uganda is 35 years.


Quality of diabetes care in Uganda is still inadequate (poor)as


-          Only 65% of patients receive health education


-          Self-monitoring of blood sugar at home only perfomed in 38% of patients


-          Gycosylatedheamoglobin is performed in only 14.6% patients


-          Glycosylated haemoglobin of <7% achieved in only 11% patients


-          Blood pressure is measured in 56% patients


-          Blood pressure target <140/90mmHg achieved in 26.7% patients


-          Annual eye checkup done in only 11.5% patients


-          Annual foot exam done in only 2.2% patients


-          Annual Dental checkup done in only 4.5% patients


-          Lipid/cholesterol checkup done in only 13.9%


-          Annual kidney function assessment done in 32 % of patients


                                                      (UDA  REGISTRY 2017)



Upcoming events


Ongoing Activities

  • Health workers conference on Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes Foot on 10th November 2017 at Hotel Africana.
  • Patients Symposium on Foot care and self-monitoring of blood sugar at Mengo Hospital Play ground on 13th November 2017.
  • National World Diabetes Day celebrations on 14th November 2017 themed “Women and Diabetes’’.
  • Launch of UDA strategic plan on 14th November 2017.
  • World Diabetes Congress in Abu Dhabi December 2017.
  • UDA patients self-care SMS project 2018.
  • UDA patients self -care app project 2018.
  • Health workers’ capacity enhancement drive 2018.


  • Gestational Diabetes  in Central Uganda Project funded by World Diabetes          Foundation through Danish Family Planning Association and Reproductive Health Uganda. Study sites Luwero and Mengo Hospital.

         Over 8000 women have so far been screened for Gestational Diabetes.