Diabetes in Uganda-The facts

Diabetes in Uganda

  • About  415 million people World wide  now have diabetes  compared to only 30 million in 1985
  • By 2040, it’s predicted that  642 million will have diabetes.
  • One in two (46.5%) adults with diabetes is undiagnosed.
  • $673 billion which is12% of the global health expenditure is spent on diabetes
  • Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes (5.0 million deaths), making diabetes a bigger cause of death than HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.
  • 542,000 children (aged 0-14) have type 1 diabetes, with 86,000 new cases each year.
  • Gestational diabetes affects one in seven (or 16%) births worldwide.
  • In Uganda the current prevalence of diabetes is 1.4% i.e about 500,000 people have diabetes.
  • Impaired fasting glucose which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes affects 2.1% of Ugandans.
  • Higher prevalence of diabetes and pre diabetes of 7.4% and 8.6% respectively have been reported in rural Eastern Uganda
  • The majority of people with high blood sugar (90.5% IFG and 48.9% diabetes) are not aware of their high blood sugar status.
  • The mean age of people having diabetes in Uganda is 35 years.

Upcoming events


Ongoing Activities

  • Diabetes Training Workshop for Health Workers in Eastern Uganda at Jinja Hospital on  11th November 2016

  •  Patients’ support symposium on 12th November at Jinja Hospital

  •  Health education talks, Screening and Diabetes Walk on 14th November 2016(World Diabetes Day Celebrations) with the theme ‘Eyes On Diabetes’ and activity ‘Test to Prevent’

  • Gestational Diabetes  in Central Uganda Project funded by World Diabetes Foundation through Danish Family Planning Association and Reproductive Health Uganda. Study sites Luwero and Mengo Hospital

  • Health care practitioners training

  • Branch support supervision

  • Distribution of Revised constitution and signing of memorandum of associations with branches

  • Patient support supervision

  • Drafting of the 5 year UDA strategic plan